Assault rifles will likely be the mainstay of any competent Stalker and will be equipped with one of many types. Assault Rifles in the Escape from P.R.I.P.Y.A.T. gamemode can be divided into two groups; NATO and former Warsaw Pact weapons.

Warsaw Pact Rifles

Uses Soviet Union Rifle ammunition. High caliber deals lots of damage at expense of lower accuracy compared to NATO rifles. Soviet Union ammo bit more common than NATO ammunition but rarer than SMG ammunition.

AKm-47 MOD


AKm-74 SU



Obokan (AN-94)

Tunder S14 (OC-14 Groza)

NATO Rifles

Uses NATO Rifle ammunition. NATO AR's tend to be more accurate than Soviet Union counterpart but deal less damage. Less common than Soviet Union ammunition, but more common than Sniper Rifle ammuntion.

SGI-5k (SG-550)

SGI-5k MOD (SG-552)

GP37 (G36K)

Falcon (FN FAL)

TRs 301

TRs 301 MOD

IL-86 (L85)

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